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The Ultimate Parade

This past week Kansas City threw a parade to celebrate the winner of Super Bowl 57 and NFL World Champions – the KC Chiefs. It was the joyful culmination of all the hard work that the team and coaches had put into this years campaign to be the best among all others. The parade ended with a rally were fans heard speeches and words of celebration from city officials, coaches and players. As a fan I watched it and enjoyed the celebration. I also reflected on how much joy and celebration there will be at the end of the age when the King of kings and Lord of lords returns, defeats every enemy including our ancient foe, Satan. He will rise above all others powers and authorities and culminate what He began before the foundations of the earth were laid – the completion of His kingdom.

While there is some mystery and debate on how it will all play out, the picture we have from the New Testament is that there will be a day when all who call upon Jesus as Lord and Savior, alive or dead, will be raised, transformed and transported in the presence of our Lord and will join with him in a heavenly parade to the New Jerusalem that Jesus has prepared for all who are his. It will come with all the fanfare of trumpets and shouts and praise to our God. And we will join the host of heaven with one voice declaring, “Worthy are you, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things and by your will they existed and were created!” That is the ultimate parade and rally I long for and look froward to!

-Dr. Gary Mathes

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