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Breakthrough and Change

At a conference this past fall I heard a speaker say, “Not all change leads to breakthroughs, but all breakthroughs require change.”  This principle applies to many areas of our lives.  At the start of a new year when many are resolute about losing weight and getting healthier, it will not happen unless there is a change in patterns of how they live. If they continue to eat snack foods and recline in their sofa, they will not experience a breakthrough.  This principle applies to churches as well.  I know many churches and leaders want different results but fear or fail to make changes that are needed to see breakthroughs happen.  If we are going to see God’s people fully unleashed to carry out the mission we have been entrusted with, it will take some pattern breaking.

As I have said before that the heart of the gospel is change. It is a call to repent, to change direction and focus on faithfully following Christ as Lord.  As Christians, and collectively as churches, we need to always being willing to change if it means being more faithful to follow Jesus.  And when we do, he does a mighty work in us and our congregations.  So, remember, “Not all changes lead to breakthroughs, but all breakthroughs require change.” –

-Dr. Gary Mathes

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