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Join the Clay-Platte Baptist Association

expectations from churches:

  • Demonstrate a willingness to work with other Clay Platte Baptist Churches (CPBA) to accomplish the mission outlined in the Purpose Statement of the Clay Platte Baptist Association.
  • Be in agreement with the Clay Platte Baptist Association Doctrinal Statement.
  • Make every attempt to maintain a good relationship with all other Clay Platte Baptist Association Churches.
  • Encourage messengers to attend the CPBA Annual Meeting.
  • Encourage staff and lay people to participate in the programs and ministries of the association.
  • Financially support the work of the association.


Any church wishing to join the Clay-Platte Baptist Association should contact the Director of Missions ( and fill out the Membership Request Form down below.

The church will be referred to the Church Relations Committee. The Director and members of the Church Relations Committee will meet with leaders from the petitioning church to discuss the church’s origin, doctrine and willingness to participate in and support the work of the association. The Church Relations Committee may then recommend to the Leadership Team that the prospective church be placed under watch care with the association for a period of 6 months. A majority vote of those on the Leadership Team is required for the church to enter into watch care. During the watch care period members of the Church Relations Committee will meet with leaders of the church to track their progress relative to the expectations of association churches. 

At the conclusion of the watch care period the Church Relations Committee can recommend to the messengers of the next annual meeting that the new church be voted into the association. The 6 month watch care period shall not apply when the petitioning church has been a mission of a cooperating Clay-Platte Baptist Church. A 2/3 majority vote of the messengers at the annual meeting is required for a church to be accepted into the Clay-Platte Baptist Association.  This vote will take place near the beginning of the session so that messengers of the new church can participate in the annual meeting.