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Doer or Developer

Are you a Doer or a Developer?

One of the important tasks of leadership is developing others around you. A temptation I have often fallen prey to in my ministry is to take care of things on my own.  It is a “If you want it done right do it yourself” kind of thinking.  However, I began to realize that it creates two deficiencies, One, I’m not leading, I’m simply doing it alone.  I am in the weeds rather than looking above the weeds to see where I need to go and how to get others willing and able to go with me.

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Second, I am denying others the opportunity of being developed to serve and lead, and thus limiting the ability to expand and multiply the ministry potential.  As leaders we can either be doers that diminish the growth of the ministry we lead, or we can be multipliers investing our time in developing others to expand the work and impact.

Today we are experiencing a dearth of leaders being raised up.  We need to “call out the called” and develop the next generation of leaders.  With the mission before us, will you be a doer or a developer?

-Dr. Gary Mathes

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