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Your Work is Important

With Labor Day coming up I thought I would say a word about how important your work as a pastor is.  While our government leaders have been slow to consider churches “essential business” we know that our work is not only essential, it is eternal as well.  I am so thankful for our pastors and staff who faithfully fulfil their charge to look after God’s flock.  Week after week and day by day they are studying, interpreting and preaching God’s Word and teaching sound doctrine.  They are pouring out their energy and time to care for their people, counsel the broken and hurting, oversee and lead teams of people to carry out the mission of the church, and communicate the gospel to their congregation and community.  They work hard at building relationships, discerning and casting vision, developing leaders, and keeping the church focused on the Great Commission. They work as under shepherds charged to watch over the souls they have been entrusted with and will give an account for to the Chief Shepherd (Heb. 13:17).  While their reward on earth may be humble, they are promised the unfading crown of glory from Jesus who called them into this essential and eternal work (1 Pet. 5:1-4).  Your hard work and faithful labor are of utmost importance.  Thank you for what you do!
– Dr. Gary Mathes