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Watershed Question

I recently shared with a few churches the concept of a church lifecycle bell curve.  It demonstrates the growth, maturation, plateau and decline most churches often experience.  When a congregation self discovers that it has plateaued or is experiencing decline, there is an important question the leaders need to ask.  The essential watershed query is, “Are your best days in the past, or are they yet ahead?” This is a pivotal and revealing question. The answer reveals the difference between operating from nostalgia or with a new vision, between future growth or continued stagnation and decline.  It is dangerous to live in the glory days of past success if it leads us to simply rest and lose our passion for current and future work.  While it is good and encouraging to celebrate what God has accomplished through our service in the past, churches nevertheless need to keep their focus future oriented because the fields are still ripe, and the harvest is not complete.  We cannot afford to turn inward and simply focus on ourselves, we must intentionally keep our focus outward to reach those who are yet not saved.  Let’s keep spurring each other on in the work our Lord has called us to – fulfilling the Great Commission until He comes again.  Indeed, our best days are yet ahead! – Dr. Gary Mathes