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Values – Relevant Communication

This week I complete a series of articles focusing on our values.  Previously we looked at the values of Meaningful Relationships,Purposeful PartnershipsKingdom Expansion, Healthy Leadership, Congregational Support, and Faithful Stewardship The seventh value we embrace is that of Relevant Communication.  We value sharing relevant information in relevant and effective ways to help churches be informed of important issues, partnership opportunities and significant events. One of the principles and practices I have learned is that it takes multiple messages on multiple mediums to communicate effectively.  As one mentor put it, “Just about the time you are weary of saying the same thing over and over, your people are just now getting it.”  As an association we utilize our website, social media and other platforms to make churches and leaders aware of things that are relevant to ministry and foster greater cooperation among our network of congregations. Good communication is a vital part of effectively informing people and motivating them to take action.  We value and therefore strive to share with our churches and leaders information that is pertinent and useful to better serve you and help us collectively carry out our mission – to partner together for the gospel to reach the northland and the nations.  – Dr. Gary Mathes