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Values – Kingdom Expansion

This week I continue a series of articles focusing on our values.  So far we looked at the value of Meaningful Relationships and Purposeful Partnerships.  The third value we embrace is that of Kingdom Expansion.  We value being healthy churches that intentionally partner together to proclaim the gospel and strategically fulfill the Great Commission.  We believe Jesus calls us to make disciples, develop leaders, and send forth church planters and missionaries both as individual congregations and in collaboration with one another.  When associations were formed 300 years ago in America, it was primarily for the purpose of planting churches as the country moved westward.  While denominational life has expanded to a state and national level the value of church planting as an association remains a central objective.  As the population of our two counties grow, we must grow and expand the kingdom of God through greater church vitality and church planting.  As in all of nature, healthy organism grow and reproduce and this principle applies for churches as well. It has been very enjoyable to see new churches come into existence this past year and even as recent as a month ago. Jesus said he is building his church and even the gates of Hades will not stop its advancement, not even Covid-19 can prevent God’s kingdom from expanding.  Our work is not done, and I look forward to collaborating with you as we move onward proclaiming the gospel and making an eternal difference here in the northland and beyond.  – Dr. Gary Mathes