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Values – Healthy Leadership

I continue a series of articles focusing on our values.  So far we looked at the value of Meaningful Relationships,Purposeful Partnerships and Kingdom Expansion.  The fourth value we embrace is that of Healthy Leadership.  We believe healthy leaders are best able to lead healthy churches.  Therefore, we value providing and engaging in training experiences such as conferences, cohorts and coaching for information and inspiration that results in improved leadership. Leadership development is an important and necessary aspect of building and maintaining a vital ministry.  Every leader must be committed to being a learner and this is best done in the context of peer relationships.  The Bible speaks of iron sharpening iron.  We must embrace the same focus that Paul demonstrated when he encouraged Timothy, his son in the faith, to invest the things he had learned from him to reliable men who would be able to tech others also (2 Tim. 2:2). Becoming a better leader not only includes investing and increasing one’s own knowledge and skills, but also multiplying your leadership by discovering, developing and deploying other leaders.  As an association we are committed to investing in current and future leaders who willingly and skillfully love, lead, feed and protect the congregations they serve here in the northland and beyond, for the glory of God. – Dr. Gary Mathes