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Values – Faithful Stewardship

This week I continue a series of articles focusing on our values.  So far we looked at the value of Meaningful Relationships,Purposeful PartnershipsKingdom Expansion, Healthy Leadership, and Congregational Support.  The sixth value we embrace is that of Faithful Stewardship. For churches to do ministry well it takes a variety of resources to be successful including financial, informational, educational, leadership, organization, administrative, etc.  Therefore, we value providing and sharing resources in a trustworthy manner that help churches and leaders better accomplish their work, as well as for collaborative ministry efforts.  We value networking among churches, denominational entities and other sources to procure and link resources with opportunities.  As an association of churches, we are able to network and cooperatively share our resources in order to more effectively carry our mutual mission. Paul captured this sentiment as he thanked the church at Philippi for sharing in his ministry, and as a result he was “amply supplied” (Phil. 4:10-20).  We are grateful for the gifts our churches send to the CPBA office so that we can fulfill the mission of equipping leaders, empowering churches, engaging partnerships ministry and expanding the kingdom.  We strive to be faithful stewards and exemplify integrity and wisdom in what we receive.  Thank you for your trust and partnership! – Dr. Gary Mathes