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Throw Out Your Skinny Jeans, But Keep Your Coffee Cup

Recently, I have been reading a lot regarding how churches can reach all generations. It has been my observation that many churches in particular struggling to reach the younger generations.  As a result some churches have attempted to become “cooler’ in their approach hoping it will draw young people to their services, but often times it can come across simply being disingenuous, if not uncomfortable.  The title of an article I came across speaks volumes, “Millennials Don’t Need Hipper Pastors, They Need a Bigger God.”  Simply put, younger people are looking for what is real and authentic and are open to honest dialogue.  They are not drawn to an awkwardly produced version of our faith for the purpose of cultural relevancy. However, they do gravitate towards a faith that is clear, and honestly addresses the candid questions of genuine seekers.  They are drawn to a real faith in a real Jesus.   So, throw out your skinny jeans, but keep your coffee cup, and sit down with and have an authentic gospel conversation with some young folks.  You may be surprised how they will respond.  By the way, they know where the good coffee is.   -Dr. Gary Mathes