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The Day the Tornado Came to Us

“I just wanted to see” said the woman as she looked at the room. There were tears, prayer, and a hug.

She explained she had been telling herself over and over, “There HAS to still be good in humanity! There just HAS to be!” But she was seriously starting to think she was wrong.

She was badly needing to see confirmation that she wasn’t wrong. When she looked over at her neighbor’s place and saw it swarmed by people in gold colored shirts freely giving their time to help her neighbor clear downed trees and limbs, that was the confirmation she had been looking for. They needed help badly and help was there.

She came to the Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief Command center to see us for herself, to meet us, and to say “Thank You” for restored hope.

The early morning hours of June 8 brought strong winds and an EF-2 tornado to areas of Eastern Jackson County bringing down tree limbs, trees, and damage to homes. After accessing the damage and confirmation of the need for help, Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief representatives met with the Emergency Management leaders for both Independence and the Fort Osage Fire District on June 9 at the First Baptist Church Buckner Annex building, which became the Disaster Relief Command Center for the days following. From June 9-15, 2022 Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers from the Clay-Platte Baptist Association, Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association, and the Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief Collegiate Summer Interns helped those in need.

Joe Dayringer
Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief Regional Coordinator