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Leadership – Leading Organizations

This week I wrap up sharing principles of effective leadership.  We first looked at learning how to lead yourself, then learning how to lead another person, and last week learning to lead teams.  This week the next level of leadership is that of leading organizations.  As a pastor, we have been called to be a wise elder, a loving shepherd, and a transformational overseer.  The overseer role is the ability to lead an organization. At this level you are asking questions pertaining to the mission of the organization, in our case, the church.  You are also looking at the culture you are shaping in order to be effective at carrying out the mission.  Leading an organization requires the ability to look at the whole from a 30,000 feet point of view and measuring and adapting strategic and systematic competencies. Leaders of organization have to answer and articulate the following directional questions. Why do we exist? What is our mission? What core values must we operate from? What is our vision? Where are we going in the next 5-7 years?  What is our plan to take us there? How are we currently operating? What do we need to adjust or realign? How will we know if we are making progress and hitting the right targets? What kind of team do we need to lead us well? Of course, none of these questions should be answered alone but by a group of leaders who have demonstrated competencies in leading themselves, others and teams well, and working synergistically to assure the organization effectively accomplishes its mission. May the Lord continually grant us wisdom, strength, and courage to lead his Bride, the church, faithfully, fruitfully and for His glory. – Dr. Gary Mathes