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Increase the Wattage

Years ago I worked as an electrician.  I wired buildings and help bring light and power for people to utilize.  One principle of electricity is that the more watts, the brighter the light.  A 75 watt bulb is much brighter than a 40 watt bulb.   In our two counties we must recognize that spiritual darkness is pervasive.  Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount that his disciples are the light of the world.  Each of our 40 churches are a lighthouse shining the light of the gospel in our communities.  I believe that it is a worthy goal to increase the wattage by planting more churches.  Think of how much brighter the gospel could shine with 75 churches in our two counties.  It is a robust vision but one that with time and intentionality is doable.  As our world grows darker, we must shine brighter.  Please join me in praying for more workers, more church planters, more sending churches and the birth of more churches.  Let’s work to increase our wattage so the glory of God and his gospel will shine even brighter!    – Dr. Gary Mathes