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How is Your Vision?

I was in second grade when our whole class had to go and take a vision test.  After having difficulty determining the direction the “E”’s where facing, I was sent home with a note for my parents to take me to the eye doctor.  Ever since then I have worn glasses or contacts. I remember how clear everything looked after I got my first pair of glasses.  As a leader it is important to have good vision.  Of course, in this case, it means to be able to discern the needs and next steps that must be taken for a church or organization to move forward in the right direction.  Thankfully there are tools to help bring clarity to the current reality we are facing, and processes to help leaders ask the right questions to enable them to look ahead and develop a map to a preferred future.  It is important to answer questions like, “What is our mission?” “What is our motivation?” “What are our methods and are they effective?” “Who is our target?” “What needs do we feel burdened by and uniquely qualified to meet?” ”What opportunities lay before us?”  These are good questions to help leaders develop and design a roadmap to a healthier and better future.  As you evaluate this past year and look ahead into 2022, how is your vision?  Please let me know if I can be of assistance to help you gain clarity as you lead forward.  – Dr. Gary Mathes