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GIFT at Christmas

Tis the season that most churches see an increase in attendance.  It has been my observation that often churches will welcome and encourage their guests to let them know who they are and offer a gift as an incentive.  In the “passing on what I have learned department,” let me share another GIFT you can give your guests.  First, give them the gift of a warm Greeting.  Meeting guests at the door or even in the parking lot lets them know you were anticipating their coming and glad they did.   Second, give them the gift of Introducing them to others.  Helping them connect with other people takes their experience of your church from being merely friendly to making friendships.  Third, give them the gift of Follow up.  Taking the initiative to follow up with a contact by e-mail, card or text lets them know you are thinking of them beyond Sunday morning and truly desire their return. Finally, give them the gift of a Thank you.  This can be in the form of a simple thank you gift as they leave your building or a follow up gift card in the mail.  But communicating how you appreciate the step they took to come to your church sends a positive and winsome signal that you care and hope they will come again.   This GIFT idea may seem small, but I can tell you it goes a long way. – Dr. Gary Mathes