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Better than Superman

An oft told legendary story about Muhammed Ali is that while flying on an airplane a flight attendant asked the famed boxing champion to put on his seat belt.  He purportedly said, “Superman, don’t need no seatbelt.”  The quick-witted attendant replied, “Well, Superman don’t need no plane!”  It was a bold but necessary reminder that we are all mortal human.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is a reminder that not only are we mortal, we are unable to save ourselves and are in need of a Savior.  Many people desire to be Superman and have the ability to save themselves and be the hero of their own story.  The call to repentance is a call to change our mind about our ability to save ourselves through our own efforts and strength.  It is the sober recognition that the weight of our sin is a spiritual gravity pulling us down to a destructive end. We cannot rise above our own condition but are in need of the supernatural power that only Jesus can provide.  By his grace and mercy, we have access to that power through our faith in his death, burial and victorious resurrection. Better than Superman, Jesus is truly man and truly God.  He is the Sovereign King of glory who has conquered every enemy and subdued every foe, including death itself.  I am grateful for His grace and power in my life.  I am grateful that the life-changing gospel is preached in our pulpits each week in our CPBA churches.  I pray that more who live here in the northland and beyond will hear, believe, and be forever transformed by its power. – Dr. Gary Mathes