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Association – Equipping Leaders

As we enter into 2021, it is important and good to revisit what our mission is.  Mission drift is a constant issue every church and organization needs to be aware of and work to avoid.  The mission of our association is to be a network of churches who partner together for the gospel to reach the northland and the nations.  We accomplish this by pursuing four objectives.  For the next four weeks I will write about each one.  The first objective is Equipping Leaders.  The CPBA desires to provide quality leadership development resources and events that can be delivered locally, for pastors, staff and lay leaders that include: coaching, pastoral care for leaders, cohorts that focus on leadership topics and needs, conferences and workshops that provide training in various ministry areas, and opportunities to connect and build relationships that foster partnerships among churches and leaders.  Ultimately, we value and want to help build healthy leaders who lead healthy churches. I look forward to helping us achieve this first of four objectives and as we move forward into 2021. – Dr. Gary Mathes