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Motorboat, Raft, or Sailboat?

I saw an interview the other day about a couple who took an interest in sailing.  They took lessons, bought a sailboat, and then made their way from taking short trips to eventually a voyage to Tahiti.  I was impressed by their dedication and sense of adventure.   I was reminded of an analogy shared by John Ortberg that I believe is worth passing along.  In life (and ministry) we can either be a motorboat where we are in charge of setting the direction and speed of progress.  Others choose to be more free and float along like a raft drifting to wherever the current leads.  But the Christian life seems to be more like a sailboat.  We have a role to play in setting the sails but are dependent on the Lord to provide the power.  As followers of Jesus, and Christian leaders, it is important that we practice the spiritual disciplines that puts us in position to be empowered and used of the Lord.  Life, and ministry, is a wonderful adventure to pursue, but to be successful, we need to not only do our part to be prepared, but to live fully dependent on the Lord to empower us and lead us to where He has called us to go. So, throw up your sails and let the wind blow! – Dr. Gary Mathes