Classification: Non-pastoral

Hours: Full-time, Salaried

Supervisor: Senior Pastor

Date: April 2021

I. Essential Qualifications

1. Must be willing to become a member of Northern Hills Baptist Church.

2. Must view their position as one of ministry.

3. Must show capabilities to plan, organize, schedule, delegate responsibilities, demonstrate wise stewardship, and implement the total church program.

4. Personality characteristics should include the following: honesty, tactfulness, integrity, courtesy, cooperation, confidence, friendliness, enthusiasm, optimism, cheerfulness, sense of humor.

5. Must be able to maintain confidentiality.

6. Must show a loyalty to the Lord and their place of service.

7. Must demonstrate leadership capabilities in area of ministry.

8. Willingness to serve with team approach to ministry.

II. Principle Function

The Director for Worship and Young Adults, (post high school to age 26 years), is responsible to the Senior Pastor and the church for the development and promotion of the worship, music and young adult ministries of the church. This position should perpetually seek God’s will, direction, and purpose of this ministry. This position will assist, encourage, and prepare the defined group of God’s people for works of service, “so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Eph 4:12) and reach out to those who are lost.

III. General Duties

1. Recruit, train, guide, and evaluate paid and volunteer workers in your area of ministry.

2. Coordinate the effective use of equipment and resources within area of ministry.

3. Submit program budgets to appropriate church leaders and administer programs within the limits of the budget

4. Follow church financial procedures.

5. Build spiritual maturity in the lives of the volunteers and staff with whom you work.

6. Set appropriate annual and long-term goals for your ministry and to lead in the achieving of those goals.

7. Maintain a spirit of evangelistic outreach to be a role model.

IV. Specific Duties

1. Direct the planning, organizing, conducting, and evaluating of a comprehensive music ministry, involving people of all ages.

2. Cooperate with the church Nominating Committee to enlist and train leaders for the church’s worship and music.

3. Assist the Senior Pastor in planning and evaluating all services of worship including regular weekly services, Lord’s Supper observances, Baptisms, ordinations, holiday-themed observances, and other special celebrations. Conduct seasonal music and worship programs. Recruit and/or hire instrumentalists to accompany seasonal programs.

4. Officiate, or assist in officiating, ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism as required.

5. Facilitate and give direction to music ministry recruitment and attendance.

6. Facilitate and give direction to the development of worship-leading groups including worship teams, bands, ensembles, and instrumental groups. Schedule and conduct rehearsals weekly, including special rehearsals as needed. Coordinate rehearsal scheduling with scheduling of other staff members and volunteer ministry directors with the goal of enhancing the success of all ministries.

7. Arrange and provide music for weddings, funerals, special projects, ministries, and other church-related activities upon request.

8. Plan, organize, and promote special worship, and music.

9. Maintain a music library.

10. Keep informed on methods of worship, music and young adult ministry. Attend conferences and workshops. Consult literature on these areas of ministry.

11. Prepare an annual music budget for approval and administer it throughout the year. Communicate regularly with the Finance Committee about ministry expenditures and seek approval for large expenditures using Finance guidelines.

12. Prepare and submit printed reports summarizing the activity of the music, worship and young adult ministries for quarterly church business meetings. Attend business meetings to present these reports.

13. Cooperate with state and associational leaders in promoting ministries of mutual interest.

14. In conjunction with the Technical Services Team, oversee the operation of sound, projection and lighting systems in the Worship Center and Christian Activity Center.

15. Attend weekly Staff Meetings and other staff meetings as required. Maintain communication with the Senior Pastor and other staff members.

16. Perform other duties as assigned by Senior Pastor

V. Oversee the overall Spiritual Development of NHBC Young Adults

1. Personally, make disciples of Young Adults, (post high school to age 26 years), within Discipleship Groups and/or oversee their discipleship process.

2. Equip Young adults with the Word of God in the areas of adulthood, relationships, and our faith to meet the specific needs of young adults.

3. Cultivate an atmosphere where connections of meaningful relationships occur.

4. Challenge each Young Adult to personally make disciples.

5. Strategically cultivate and invest in potential leaders within the Young Adults ministry to create co-workers for ministry and service.

6. Communicate with current leaders of small groups to plan and help fulfill their current ministry involvement.

7. Provide opportunities for social engagement.

8. Provide opportunities for young adults to engage with relevant topics (I.e., marriage, singleness, vocation, finances, etc.)

9. Strategically help plan, encourage, and equip Young Adults to participate in outreach opportunities locally and globally, to reach those who are immediately around them and those who are unengaged and unreached with the message of the Gospel.

10. Provide opportunities for ministry service within the Church based on their giftedness and calling.